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Google Adwords Display

This is a quick guide to the fundamentals and terminology of Display advertising on Google’s Adwords network.

Google Adwords – Display

The Display Network is a collection of Google and Partner websites that display video, image, text and mobile ads that the Adwords platform matches against the page’s content.  Depending on the goal of the advertiser, the Display network can help with:

  • Branding –  by driving awareness, as the advertiser can choose where the ads should appear and who should see them or
  • Performance – by driving sales that can be tracked and attributed to the ad

Ads are ranked based on the budget allocated by the advertiser and the Quality Score determined by Google by evaluating the relevance of the keywords in the ad.


How to:

Decide on keywords:

  • Create ad groups for each campaign or product
  • Choose keywords that you think might be relevant


Decide who you want to target:

  • Keywords
  • Affinity: based on interests and lifestyle
  • Demographics: age and location
  • Remarketing: to target those who have visited the site already


Decide how you want to budget:

  • CPC – Cost per click – You pay what’s required to rank higher than the ad position immediately below yours


Monitor the results by setting up Conversion tracking in your account.