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Google Adwords Search

This is a quick guide to the fundamentals and terminology of Search advertising on Google’s Adwords Search network.

Google Adwords Search

The Search Network is a collection of Google and Partner websites that display text ads that the Adwords platform matches against the page’s content.  Depending on the goal of the advertiser, the Search network can help with:

  • Reaching customers on an active search for something specific
  • Keeping costs down as the ad is only paid for when someone clicks on it

Organic listings appear on Google based on how relevant the page is, Paid search is based on Google’s auction model

Ad Ranking = CPC bid x Quality Score x expected impact of extensions

How to:

Decide on keyword matches:

  • Broad Match – Wide matching that includes synonyms and misspellings.
  • Phrase Match – Keyword must be contained within the search term.
  • Exact Match – Works well when you have a very specific product or set of effective terms.
  • Negative Match – System will not target any search where this keyword is present.


Decide on extensions to boost score:

  • Links to other content from the site
  • Callouts to promotions or special offers
  • Structured Snippets to highlight special features


Decide on the budget:

  • CPM – Cost per 1000 impressions
  • CPC – Cost per click
  • CPA – Cost per action (conversion)


Monitor the results by setting up Conversion tracking in your account.