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Where I learned to code online

The number of online resources, videos and tutorials are growing.  Here’s how I got going learning to code online and making the most of the resources out there.

Online resources and courses


  • Microsoft via edX –  The Microsoft course page is a one-stop shop for all things data.  Get started with Analysis in Excel, R for Data Science and SQL.
  • Swirl – Learn R in RStudio by installing the Swirl package and following along.  The lessons are interactive and not too overwhelming while you get the hang of it.
  • SAS – For complete beginners using Base SAS there is online training and excellent docs available from SAS.


  • Havard’s CS50 via edX – Everyone should watch the CS50 content to appreciate how computers, the internet and programming work.  The course covers everything from low-level C to Javascript and SQL.
  • Dash – General Assembly’s Dash is free, interactive and is all done in the browser.  The projects include a landing page, blog theme and restaurant website.
  • Code Academy – Most of the content is free, easy to follow and frames each lesson on a project.  The Pro version includes more projects, quizzes and online help via chat.

Youtube (and a podcast)

  • DevTips – Travis talks tech, offers portfolio advice and builds websites from scratch.
  • LearnWebCode – Brad offers easy to follow videos and premium courses on everything for complete beginners to Javascript tools.
  • Soft Skills Engineering – Listening to Dave and Jamison answer questions on everything from training, job titles and interviews.


Happy Learning!


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