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Becoming more efficient with the command line

On first glance, the command line looks intimidating but once you get the hang of it, it makes things quicker and easier.

Using the Command line for the first time:

If you are a Windows user download Cmdr for an easier to use terminal window.  It integrates with Github and allows you to use Ctl+C and Ctl+V saving you time.


When you open Cmdr you will land in your C drive

C:\Users\yourname/* To see what is in this directory use */

To see the contents of the folder

ls /* to list the contents */ 

You can then change directory

cd  /* then your desired directory name */

To move back or up one folder level

cd ..


Create a new folder or file

To make a new folder

mkdir /* and the new folder name */

To move into the new folder

cd newfoldername

If you are creating a new file do the same step but remember the file extension

touch index.html




That’s it!  The very, very basics of using the command line to move between folders and create new files. The next step is to learn how to use the command line with Github.