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Five things I love about Atom

Atom does all the things you expect from a text editor, it allows you to edit text, it colours the text in your language of choice and has some great features built by the community


Lets me see the outline of the script on the right-hand side so if I need to move around the script I can scroll there quickly.


Change Case

Changes case to not only upper and lower but also kebab, camel and other cases depending on what you need.



Quickly formats and indents code where it should in a couple of clicks.  No more trying to keep everything consistent slowly and painfully by myself.



Shows me the errors I’ve made, where they are and a colour coded scale of how bad the error is.


Open in browser 

Lets me right click and open a file right from Atom instead of having to open explorer and track it down first.


Bonus … Before I started using Atom I used to have an index.html boilerplate saved so I could copy and paste it in when I started a new project.  Now I create a new index.html and in the first line type HTML then ENTER to get started.

Another bonus … Atom shortcuts are incredibly useful but my favourite is ‘alt-f3’ to find all and select to change all instances of something in one go.


apm install merge-conflicts color-picker emmet file-icons atom-beautify pigments less-than-slash open-recent minimap minimap-highlight-selected linter linter-csslint linter-htmlhint linter-eslint highlight-selected change-case auto-detect-indentation open-in-browser markdown-writer markdown-preview-plus markdown-writer atom-wrap-in-tag