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Javascript Functions

Functions are a plan for how to handle something that will happen at a later date using arguments and parameters as placeholders for information we don’t have yet.

Create a Function

function myFunction() {}

/* You call a function using its name followed immediately by two parentheses */

function robot() {

var robot2 = function() {
console.log('Beep! Beep!');

robot(); // Writes 'Beep!' to the console.
robot2(); // Writes 'Beep! Beep!' to the console.


You can create the plan and leave parameters as placeholders

function greet(name, age) {
console.log('My name is ' + name + ' and I am ' + age + ' years old.');


You can now call your function and pass that information in as arguments

greet('Helen', 32);

Results in:  ‘My name is Helen and I am 32 years old.’

You can see what arguments a function was called with using the arguments object

function greet() {

greet('Helen', 32);

Constructor functions

function Dog(name) { = name;

var benji = new Dog('benji');
var spot = new Dog('spot');

console.log(benji); // { name: 'benji' }
console.log(spot); // { name: 'spot' }