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Jquery and the Browser

Jquery is a fast and concise library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development

On ready

The full library is loaded as one function that sits in the window object. In order to use jQuery we need the browser to load all the HTML & CSS first.
When the DOM is fully loaded and ready to be used it emits an event called onDOMReady.  JQuery then picks this up and fires your code.

/* code goes here */


The Two Phases of JQuery

Phase 1: Select Element(s)

Select (pick up) by element


Select By Class

$(".myClass p");
$(".myClass .myChildClass");

Select By ID



Phase 2: Manipulation



Event Bindings

var $redLightControl = $('#red-light-control');

$redLightControl.on('click.onOffToggle', function(){

var $redLights = $('.light.stop');
return false;