Marketing Automation and Analytics Resources

Lunch and Learn sessions are an opportunity to share side projects and expertise with a group you may not normally work with.  Sessions are interactive and short and a great way to share when time is short.  These slides cover an introduction to Excel, SQL, Marketo and Salesforce for non-Marketers.



  • Useful Formulas and Functions: PROPER, LOWER, UPPER, TRIM, CONCATENATE, FIND + REPLACE, RIGHT, LEFT, MID NOW / TODAY MAX / MIN, Removing Duplicates, Text to Columns
  • Logical Functions: AND, OR, NOT, IF Statements, Nested IFs, SUMIF, COUNTIF, AVERAGEIF, SUMPRODUCT
  • Useful Tools: VLOOKUP, Pivot Tables, Transpose, Conditional Formatting, Absolute and Relative References, Date handling


Presenting Data

  • Design: Organise the page, Colour, Typography
  • Display: Chart type, Chart styling



  • Basics – coding conventions, variables, temp tables
  • Functions
  • Joins
  • Stored Procedures



  • Pre build
  • Create a programme
  • Create an email: Snippets and tokens,  add images
  • Build send campaign and list
  • Final email checks
  • Build reports



  • The Basics
  • Syncing Campaigns
  • Lead Source Details when loading lists
  • Sales Insights
  • Building Reports