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Marketo Reports

In order to see how successful your email marketing campaigns are, you first need to break down the basic reports and terminology

Marketo Reports

Two of my most commonly used reports are the Email Performance Report and the Link Performance report.  These give stakeholders an idea of how the email performed and whether the call to action was compelling enough to drive action.


Set up

  • These two reports can be set up in the Analytics part of your Marketo instance or as a Local Asset in your campaign.
  • Use the Smart List tab to segment the report further, the Setup tab to make sure you have the right emails being measured.
  • The Subscriptions tab automates sending the report to stakeholders.  When they are ready to stop receiving it they can unsubscribe.




Understanding the Email Performance Report

  • Hard Bounce: The email address no longer exists or is invalid
  • Soft Bounce: This is a sign something is temporarily stopping the email coming through. Mailbox is full, the server is down, the message is too big.
  • Open rate: Measured when an emails images are downloaded.  This is not a reliable measure of success as people open to delete or unsubscribe.
  • Click rate: More reliable as people are doing the action.  This is the measure to compare with your own emails and industry averages.


Email Performance Report



Understanding the Email Link Performance Report

  • Leads:  Number of people who have clicked the link.
  • Clicks:  The total number of times the link has been clicked.   This may be higher than the Leads number as one link can be clicked by the same person more than once.
  • Remember to keep URLs consistent as if you have, and they will be treated as three different links.


Link Performance Report