Data Analyst and Technical Consultant

Pivot Tables

Pivot tables allow you to organise and summarise your data without changing the source data itself.

Building a Pivot table takes under a minute and is an incredibly useful tool for slicing and dicing your data without the need for time-consuming reports.


Set up

  • Highlight the sheet you want to use
  • Go to Insert > Pivot Table on the ribbon
  • Select that you want it to be generated in a new sheet and let the wizard do the work



  • The PivotTable field list appears on the right-hand side.  You can now drag the fields to the different areas to summarise and organise your data.
  • Filters: to filter at the top of the sheet
  • Rows and Columns: show rows on the left-hand side and columns across the top
  • Values: by default will show the Count of that field but can be changed by clicking and selecting ‘Value Field Settings’ to show Sum, Average, % of column total and perform calculations