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HTML/CSS projects

General Assembly’s Introduction to Web Development covering HTML/CSS and Javascript

coursework-html-css-javascript-bootstrap-generalassemblyProject 5: CSS Robot

Skills:  radial-gradient, top, left, transform: rotate, z-index, font-weight, transform: scaleY, animation, @keyframes, variable, Math.floor, Math.random, function, javascript comments, click function, toggle, css function, strings







Project 4: Landing page









Project 3: Restaurant theme

Skills:  class, position: relative, height, bottom, div, small, line break, class, position: absolute, span, float, gradient, span, transition, opacity, toggleClass







Project 2: Blog Theme

Skills:  header, li, a, ul, link, display, margin, border-radius, padding, max-width, article, margin: 0 auto, script, on(),  button, alert(), hex color, media queries, rgba color






coursework-html-css-javascript-bootstrap-generalassemblyProject 1: Portfolio landing page

Skills:  h1-h6, email input, submit input, p, placeholder, style, body, head, title, text-alignbackground, font-family, color, img, background-size, background-position, font-size, border, padding, attribute selectors