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Syncing Marketo Programmes to SFDC Campaigns

Syncing your marketing activity between Marketo and SFDC ensures sales follow-up is actioned quickly

Advantages of the Automated Campaign Sync

  • Uploading members into Marketo first will dedupe the list
  • Marketo Channel / Campaign type will sync between SFDC and Marketo
  • Campaign members and their status will sync so no need to create registered, attended, no-show status in SFDC manually
  • The status of all members will be visible in both so the sales team can start making calls
  • Good choice for campaigns like webinars when it’s unlikely there will be any “invited members” in the programme/campaign.
  • Bad choice for any email campaigns where there may be thousands of members.


How to – Marketo

  • Make sure your Channel type is correct as this will flow through to SFDC
  • Select “Salesforce Campaign Sync” in Programme Actions
  • Create New
  • Name your new Campaign according to naming conventions


How to – SFDC

  • Got to Campaigns and locate your new Campaign
  • Click Edit to update key details like currency, campaign owner and market
  • Click Advanced Setup and check the boxes of the key statuses you want to tracksync3


How to – Trigger Campaigns

  • When you are confident everything is correct in both Marketo and SFDC create the trigger campaigns that listen for activity to sync
  • Start by creating your Send Campaign as normal, then create the additional campaigns for each status you want to sync BEFORE you schedule the Send



  • Each of the trigger campaigns will need a trigger in the Smart List step …




  • A status change to both the Marketo Programme and the SFDC Campaign step in the Flow …


  • And to be activated in the Schedule step …


  • Once the email has been sent and members perform the actions set up to sync, their status changes will then start to flow through to the SFDC campaign ready for the sales team to call.