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Helen is a Certified Software Engineer, Data Engineer and a Tech Speaker.

I am an Experienced Web Developer and database administrator with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry and a prior mission of taking your business to an advanced tech level. Skilled in PHP, HTML, Business Development, Front-end Development, database management with MSSQLSERVER and Project Management. Strong engineering professional with an Advanced Diploma degree focused in software engineering.

I found interest in speaking to young developers and people new to the industry about the tech world, I also help newbies find their niche and best tech path. I have Volunteered in so many Tech events including google developers events(GDG), Open source Festival 2023 etc as a speaker, I love connecting with other developers both upcoming and already established developers. I am also a female tech advocate who mentors and bring young women into this great field.

I found interest in IOT and Robotics hence, I build amazing smart solutions to make life very simple for everyone. I have handled so many automation projects ranging from smart home automations to security and also medical automations. I post my automation demo videos online to inspire and encourage all young women who have interest in Tech.

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Web Developer

I am a proffessional web developer, i develop any kinds of websites or web applications including E-commerce, Investment, ERP, Finance etc.

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Project Manager

Strategic and Experienced project manager. I have managed many projects which are a huge success, i manage both online teams and onsite.

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Database Administrator

Higly skilled and experienced in database administration. I manage Database for big companies and i am also a data management tutor.

Web Development

Database Management


Public Speaking

Project Management


Creating unique Applications. Meet my featured projects.

I have numerous Web Projects hosted online and others still on production I have developed many applications and software programs for my clients. Please check out some of my Top Projects for Top companies Below:

Tech Speaking Profile

Featured in multiple events as a speaker

I have been featured in so many events as a tech speaker to enlighten the people about some specicific tech paths and help young developers find their niche, here are my featured events and interesting topics that I have prepared

IOT Portfolio

Automations and Smart Tech Innovations.

I Have handled numerous iot based applications including smart automations that makes the daily life very easy. here are some of my Smart innovations and IOT based Projects:


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